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2 years warranty

Instruction for getting 2 years warranty


2 years warranty term for complete hydraulics the customer can receive according to instructions below, which is part of Service and warranty book hydraulic system, which is delivered by company HYVA-CS (alternatively by bodybuilder,dealer).


2. Agreement on Extending the Warranty Period

HYVA-CS, s r.o. offers the possibility to extend the warranty period related to complete HYVA hydraulic tipping kits purchased from HYVA-CS to 24 months following the delivery of a vehicle to the user but to the maximum of 26 months following the sale date of a hydraulic kit to an installation firm or a body builder having observed the following terms:

1.  This Agreement on Extending the Warranty Period applies only to the first owner. In  

     case the first owner is not the user (e.g. a leasing company), the warranty will apply

     only to the first user. The holder of the extended warranty period must send, in

     the form of registered mail and within 1 month following the date of vehicle

     delivery to the user, copies of a properly filled-in Warranty Certificate (see

     page 27 of the Service Book)































      and Report on Training Vehicle Operating Staff (see page 29 of the Service   Book).


















      HYVA-CS is entitled to request the delivery of invoice copies documenting the date of sale by the body builder or hydraulic kit installation to the dealer and by the dealer to the user. The Report on Training Vehicle Operating Staff must be submitted immediately at every change of a vehicle driver.

2.   In case of a claim it is necessary to submit the Service Book together with a filled-in Warranty Certificate and to contact HYVA-CS at phone number +420 602 517 339 or +420 721 275 039 or +420 323 627 640 or according to www.hyva.cz so that it can verify the applicability of the extended warranty period to the contractual garage on the basis of the delivery of the properly filled-in documents specified in the previous clause of this agreement.

3.   A hydraulic kit that is necessary for tipping a vehicle body must contain exclusively HYVA components delivered by HYVA-CS and it must be designed and installed by an authorised HYVA garage or by a body builder certified by HYVA. HYVA instruction stickers must be present on the vehicle and in its cab must be stored the Service Book and the Operating and Maintenance Manual for a complete tipper.

4.   Vehicle must be brought to have warranty inspections done in HYVA authorised garages at specified terms. Performance of each warranty inspection must be verified by an entry into the Service Book including next steps, see form warranty conditions. To obtain contacts to your nearest authorised HYVA garage contact HYVA-CS, s.r.o. The user is obliged to observe instructions resulting from the carried-out warranty inspections and HYVA guidelines, i.e. those that are mentioned in the second last sentence of the previous clause.

5.   When using piston pumps it is also necessary to use an oil filter. The extended warranty period does not apply to steel tanks (12 months) and to installation (6 months) and for extreme conditions according paragraph 4 section 1 General Sale and Delivery Terms of HYVA-CS.

6.   Matters not treated in this agreement will be governed by the General Terms of Sale and Delivery of HYVA-CS.

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